How Belarusian Women Are Different from Russian & Ukrainian

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"If you wonder about differences between women from Belarus as compared to girls from Russia or Ukraine, these quick tips will give you an idea. How to date Belarusian girls online and in real life."

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Sometimes people ask me what is the difference between women from Belarus as compared to girls from Russia or Ukraine. To give you an idea, commonalities and distinctions would be similar to how residents of various states of America relate to each other. If you have found yourself dating with Belarus girls, this quick guide may be helpful to decipher major variation points. 

About Belarus 

Belarus is a country in Europe that used to be a part of the former Soviet Union (USSR), just like Russia and Ukraine. Altogether, there were 15 republics. Thus, Belarus has a lot of common history with the Russian Federation. For example, Russian is still an official language of Belarus (along with Belarusian). All Belarus girls are bilingual by default. 

The country's population is about 9.5 million. It borders Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine, Russia, and Latvia. 

At the moment, since the political fallout between Russia and Ukraine that originated in 2014, Belarus became a type of the former USSR's Switzerland: It is neutral to all former affiliated states. This is why its capital Minsk hosts plenty of negotiations between the rival states. 

What is special about Belarusian women?

Values of ladies in the republic have changed in the last decades. Also they still believe that a man should be the main breadwinner in a family, young ladies also value education and strive to be self-reliant. In most cases women dream about mutual love, support, understanding, and some spiritual connection when seeking a life partner or boyfriend. 

  1. The general notion is that financial prosperity and wealth should be acquired mutually by the couple. Rather than striving to marry a successful man, modern young females want to succeed in their own right.
  2. Close proximity to Europe allows for plenty of international travel. Belarusians can simply jump in a car and visit nearby Poland or any other state of the European Union. 
  3. The stable political climate makes residents confident and able to plan their lives. They are rather balanced and even tempered. 
  4. Belarus girls usually display the typical Slavic features. They are fair-skinned, many have blue or grey eyes. 

How to date Belarus women?

If you met a Belarusian woman online, follow the usual tips for safe dating. 

  1. Exchange contact details: Email address and mobile phone numbers, Skype or Viber names. It's easier to maintain contact when you have multiple ways to connect. A trusted dating site  will allow sharing of direct contact details. 
  2. Never pay for each message. If you are charged for every communication, this system is known as PPL (pay per letter) and it's open to abuse. Although dating sites usually charge membership fee for subscription, PPL is different: You are charged for every message, chat, or photo share. If you can talk to the lady as much as you wish and connect through various means free of charge, then you may proceed. 
  3. Ask the woman to meet you on video. Any video messaging platform will work (Skype, Duo, etc.). It is important that you can exchange questions and answers, see each other face to face. Without a direct contact on video you cannot consider it a relationship. 
  4. Be respectful of her cultural identity. Every person loves his or her country and won't be happy if someone is disrespectful of it. 
  5. Be a gentleman. Belarus women  love to be courted. If you are an attentive admirer, you have a good chance to create a special bond. Local women love their men giving them flowers or chocolates occasionally, and having a bouquet for the first date is a simple way to delight a lady. Although in western countries this may be seen as "too much", local girls still enjoy when a man tries to please them. 


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