5 Reasons to Marry Russian Women

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5 Reasons to Marry Russian Women

In today's multicultural world you can marry anyone you want. Even kings and queens are no longer limited in whom they are allowed to wed. Plenty of western men choose marriage with Russian women. There are even dedicated dating sites devoted to matching ladies from Russia with American and European guys. Some of these websites are boasting as many as 1.3 million users from around the globe. The majority of members come from developed countries such as the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, and the rest of Europe.

If you are not Russian by birth, should you consider tying your life together with a female from this remote land? What is so special about marrying a Russian woman?

5 reasons to marry a Russian girl

It's absolutely clear that choosing a partner based on their nationality is not a way to go in modern times. Finding the most compatible match, on the other hand, is exactly what contemporary relationship and dating coaches put as #1 priority. As such, try to figure out if what you read about cultural values of Russian ladies coincides with your ideal of a potential long-term partner.

  1. Family values. Every nation has its own cultural norms and paradigms. Americans are known as freedom-lovers. Germans are great engineers and appreciate precision. Russian women are renowned for their family values. In Eastern European countries of the former Soviet Union girls still believe that for a woman her children and husband are the most important valuables in life. Having a close-knit family, not a lonely financial success is the measure of happiness in a woman's existence.
  2. Need for a supportive partner. Marriage with a Russian woman could be a great option for you, if you are seeking a union based on the traditional family model, where the husband provides for the family and the wife's priority if to look after the home and children. For example, if you are highly motivated and career oriented, and have little time to date or do household chores. Contributing to the family as a provider is what Russian women seek in their husbands. In return, they are happy to support the husband and provide him a strong home base, be a loyal ally and take care of the household.​
  3. No long courtship. Its' quite normal in Russia for people to wed within months from meeting each other. Some of my Russian girlfriends married within 6-8 weeks from meeting their future local husbands. Western people enjoy a long dating process. When you are dating Russian women, they are trying to see if you could be the right partner for life, a good husband and father. If two people find each other attractive and suitable, they simply get married and start enjoying life as a pair. It's a more close and family-oriented way of life. Rather than maintaining independent existence, the loving couple invites friends and family to celebrate their union and start building the common future together.​
  4. Wanting children. If you wish to have a family, hooking up with a Russian girl could mean hearing kids' laughter in your home pretty soon. Females from the countries of the post-USSR believe that they will be happy when they have their own kids. Once she has found a lifetime partner, the woman is eager to have an offspring. It makes the relationship closer and more fulfilling, they believe.​
  5. Wanting your partner to keep looking great after marriage. Fashion and beauty are Russian women's second religion. Wouldn't every man want his wife to look just as attractive as before the wedding after they have been married for a while? Any lady can do it if she desires; just look at TV presenters who look amazing at mature ages. With Eastern European females, it's a surety that they are disciplined and accustomed to always put a lot of attention into personal grooming and maintaining their looks.

Evidently, there are other various reasons why men decide to date ladies from Russia. Undoubtedly, every person is different, whether she is from Eastern Europe or the USA. Each of us is inimitable.

But as we know that residents of LA or Manhattan are different from people living in Alaska, similarly, women brought up in a certain cultural paradigm share characteristic values and habits. Brought up in a certain environment, it forms the type of person you are.

Being devoted mothers and wives is what young Russian girls are expected to be from the early age. It feels natural for them and it's something they value. Like a favourite food from your childhood, there are things that make you feel "at home". This is why I have met many American and European men who said that after dating Russian girls they would never be able to settle with a local woman, just because the experience was so different. Maybe it's not your cup of hot chocolate, but why not give it try and check for yourself?

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